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How does Blogic work?

It's a simple process. First, you enter the URL of the webpage that you want your blog to look like. Then we pull in your website into a frame that you select the content area where the blog posts should appear in. Our system analyzes your theme and generates a custom template that you can use on our hosted blog platform, or for your own WordPress installation.

Can I modify my WordPress theme?

Absolutely. Your downloaded theme is simply a .zip archive of standard WordPress theme files. Many of our customers simply use Blogic as a starting point to build a highly customized WordPress theme.

Are image & CSS files hotlinked?

The blogic system will download and package all assets on the same domain as your webpage. All linked files on other domains, including your subdomains, are left alone.

What format is the WordPress theme?

The end result is a .zip file of your new WordPress theme than can easily be installed and activated on any current WordPress installation.

I have another question, how can I ask you?

We'd love to hear from you. You can instant message us using the chat window at the bottom, email us at company [at] blogic.com or even hop on the phone with the CEO if you shoot us an email first.

What if my theme doesn't look right?

Every website is different and sometimes there are unexpected results. We've gone through great lengths to ensure your blog theme will match perfectly, but if for some reason it doesn't look great then we'll hand-edit your theme to give you the best results. It's a learning process for us as we journey to theme thousands of blogs. Oh, and there's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Which WordPress versions are supported?

Since we're a small team, right now we can only guarantee that the theme will work on the latest version of WordPress.

How long can I access the WordPress download links?

We plan to host download links for your WordPress exports for as long as you have your Blogic account.

Can I export to other platforms, e.g. Tumblr or Blogger?

Right now, only WordPress is supported (hey, we have to start somewhere). However, we'll start to introduce other blog platforms as we grow. Can't wait? Then let us know which platform you want! company [at] blogic.com

What if I change my website after exporting a WordPress theme?

Each WordPress theme purchase comes with unlimited re-themes for 30 days (for the same website). Feel free to tweak your website and generate as many WordPress themes as you like.